Daytona Cobra

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The Shelby Daytona Coupe was built to improve top speed along the Mulsanne Straight at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The coupes were built using the chassis and running gear of the AC/Shelby Cobra Mark 2. Six were built, each a little different from the other. The engine was a 355 hp, Ford high performance V8. The original Cobra was created by Carroll Shelby, starting in 1961. The bodies were supplied by AC cars in England from 1962 and air-shipped to Shelby in Los Angeles, California. The first roadsters were powered by a 260 cubic inch small block, then a Windsor Ford 289 cubic inch V8, and lastly by a 390 or 427, big block Ford V8. Original production was from 1962 to 1967 and the cars were priced between 8-$10,000. Today the average price is $1 million, and the #1 Concours condition roadster sold for $1,750,000. The reason Cobras are so valuable today is due to their sweeping victory in the 1965 World Championship of GT cars. This was the only time in history an American-made car has won this championship. 

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