About Us

Fugnetti Images is father-daughter team, Dennis and (me) Katie Fugnetti. Our mission is to fuel your passion for automotive art by bringing the cars we love out of the garage and into our daily lives. 

My Dad has worked as a commercial photographer in the southern California region of the past forty years after obtaining a Photographic Arts degree from Brooks Institute of Photography. He started his career as the resident photographer for ITT Cannon photographing small electrical connectors for various marketing campaigns. It wasn't long before he started MIAD Photography, the pre-cursor to Fugnetti Images, and merged his love for cars with his photography training.  

Over the years, my Dad has worked with companies in every part of the car industry. Some of his clients include: Pantera DeTomaso, Lamborghini USA, American Racing, Honda, Hyundai, Armor All, American Hot Rods, Wheelsmith, Beckman, Eagle One, Toyota, Curtis Speed and more. Many of the images you see on our products, whether it be a shirt or poster, were created with photographic processes that are no longer in widespread use. In other words, these designs are derived from photos that were taken on film, before the emergence of digital photography. We are proud to show my Dad's life's work in many different formats and we hope you find something you like!