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Why, Where and How to Buy Classic Cars / Vintage Cars

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How to Buy Classic Cars?

Classic Cars are the big hunt for some people. Some people have dreamed of a specific car since childhood, some people may have the passion for these types of cars, some only wants to make an impression on the others and some just want to buy a classic car for a business investment. Well, no matter the reason you have, you should know Why, from Where and How you can buy a classic car in your budget.  


1. I Want to Drive My Family

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If you want a vintage car just for family purposes, it can be a good experience for you and your family. One day your children will grow enough and by that time they may not have an interest in your car. Now is the right time for you to drive that vintage car while your family can enjoy it together. 

2. I have Lots of Spare Time

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If you like fixing anything that is mechanical then a vintage car may be for you.

3. I Want to Invest

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If you want a classic car for investment purposes, let me remind you most classic cars are not good as investments. The reason is, they require a lot of maintenance, storage space and insurance too.


Buying a classic car is not the same as buying a brand new car. If you can’t find your car at car dealership then where can you find a vintage car?

1. Car Auction

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A classic car auction is crowded but full of excitement and enjoyment. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out what those are:-


  • You can buy an expensive classic car that you have never seen before.
  • You don’t need to physically be there. You can take part in online auction from your phone.
  • If the vintage car only has a few buyers then you my be able to steal the show.  


You can’t inspect your car before purchase.

2. Dealer

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You can also purchase a vintage car directly from the dealer if possible.


Good dealers will allow you to inspect your classic car before making a deal.

There is a good possibility for negotiation. Dealers want to make a deal and so you can ask him to discount the price 10 -20 %.


  • Dealers do not have sufficient historical knowledge of the classic cars.
  • Dealers are the third party, which means you pay a little more for your classic car.

3. Private Party

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It is a time consuming but efficient method to get your car.


  • You directly deal with the owner of the car. The condition of the car often reflects the passion of the owner towards the car.
  • You can get a much better deal than at an auction or dealer.


  • It is hard to find a classic car for sale directly from the owner.
  • No one wants to sell his precious classic car for too low price so if this is the case, you should move on.


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Whether a dealer or a private seller is, better to bring a car inspector with you to look at the car. The inspector is the person who can assure you if the car is just as described by the seller or dealer. You can get a good car inspector from a classic car dealer.  

Well, that is all about how you can buy, where you can buy and why you should buy a classic car or vintage car. If you want to buy canvas prints of classic cars or big car posters then you can buy it directly from the SHOPFUGNETTIIMAGES. Hope you will like this post.

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