Tips for How to Design Eye-Catching Car Posters

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How many times have you noticed car posters hanging above when passing away a highway? Not much time huh! Because every poster is not much attractive as you can notice them. So, if you are a car poster designer then what and how you would design an eye-catching car poster especially if it is for your client? No idea?

First of all, you have to follow some general rules or guidelines as a rule of thumb to stand out from the crowd. For a client, it is the most important to invest money in a right direction. So here are some tips for you to design professional and lovely car posters to get the attention of most of the people.    

Define the "SIZE" of the "POSTER"

Car Poster Size

Before you start, it must be defined what the size of your car poster is going to be because the area of the poster is very important. If your poster is of small size then you need a few things to fill it completely but if you have to design a big car poster then you need a lot more things to cover up this blank space which means a lot more imaginary power you have to use.

"CONTEXT SIZE" of the Poster

Context of the Big Car Posters

Here context refers the words that you are gonna use on your car poster. A too small size is hard to read it out clearly and if you use too big size then it will fill all the space of your poster and there will be no space for other material like pictures, logo or brand name. So, simply use the correct size of the context for your car poster and it will surely catch the attention of the people.

"NEAT" and "CLEAN" Design

A Neat and Clean Car Poster

Everybody will pay attention to your car posters if it is neat and clean and easy to read and understand. If it is not clean means poor colors and text then it will look awkward not only to the people but to you also. So, always use Big Letters with Bold Style that is always easy to read, no more fancy texts, graphics that are easy to identify like Company Logo.  


A Perfect Color Combination

Bright and contrast colors are attractive and easy to distinguishable between two things, so use this in your designing strategy. You can also choose the colors that match up with your brand so that people can easily relate your car poster with your brand. Color combination is really important so, do not use dull colors for your big car posters.

Perfect "PLACE" for your Car Posters

A Car Poster on the Street

You must be aware of where you want to place your big poster. Every location has its own specification. So, place your car posters accordingly. For example, if you have a position like on the street then you must place your poster at a minimum height as road walkers can see it. A lower height is enough for recognition. But if you have a position like a poolside or a highway then it must be placed somewhere at the appropriate height so that it can be seen from a long distance. Here, car passers are our main objective because they are in massive numbers in passing away.



An eye-catching or beautifully designed car poster is not enough for grand SALE. Sorry to say, but it’s true. So, what else you need to bring in more customers? You have to mention some discounts or offers to your customers so that not only they watch your posters but also they remember your posters. For example, GET 20% OFF.

Choose a Perfect "THEME"

Theme for Car Posters

Hopefully, choose a perfect theme for your poster which has self-appeal to inspire the people to not only watch this poster but also for making the next move. The key is, a correct theme with a decent design and with a well-written context will surely give you the result.

Well! This is all about the car posters designing so if you are looking for supercars posters or canvas prints then you can contact us. We provide supercars, classic cars and racing cars posters and canvas prints online.

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