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In the beginning, Barry Meguiar would call in us in one by one and we’d be interviewed. After they interviewed 9-10 artists, we ended up getting the job. This was in the late 80’s. To this day, I joke with Barry, I got the job because I didn’t have a pony tail. In those days, everyone seemed to have long hair.  The first job was to go to Las Vegas and photograph select cars of The Imperial Palace Collection. They got the authorization to go in and photograph select cars in their collection. We packed up the studio and went...

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The Lamborghini that never was, a supercar with two v8’s welded together, and a copycat to the Lamborghini Diablo.  These are all things that have been said about the supercar Cizeta (pronounced chi-zet-a), a collaboration between former Lamborghini engineer, Claudio Zampolli, and renowned designer Marcello Gandini. Considering misinformation surrounding Cizeta Automobili I made an appointment with Zampolli to find out about the man behind the car and what motivated him to design and develop the world’s first and only supercar equipped with a 16 cylinder transverse rear-mounted  engine. It’s a breezy Saturday afternoon in Costa Mesa, California where I’m meeting...

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