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How did you meet Boyd Coddington? D. Fugnetti - He had a facility that was located in Anaheim, right down the street from my business. I knocked on the door and introduced myself as a photographer. I saw the sign on his building, which read, Hot Rods by Boyd. I had been working with local car companies and developing our niche as a commercial automotive photographer. I wasn’t afraid to knock on doors and in the 80’s we got a lot of business that way. I would hound people and keep showing up until they’d throw me a little project...

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The Lamborghini that never was, a supercar with two v8’s welded together, and a copycat to the Lamborghini Diablo.  These are all things that have been said about the supercar Cizeta (pronounced chi-zet-a), a collaboration between former Lamborghini engineer, Claudio Zampolli, and renowned designer Marcello Gandini. Considering misinformation surrounding Cizeta Automobili I made an appointment with Zampolli to find out about the man behind the car and what motivated him to design and develop the world’s first and only supercar equipped with a 16 cylinder transverse rear-mounted  engine. It’s a breezy Saturday afternoon in Costa Mesa, California where I’m meeting...

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